Green Touch Builders | Corporate Safety Program
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Corporate Safety Program

Corporate Safety Program

Health and Safety

Safe Work System

At GTB safety is paramount. We are committed to providing consistent and efficient management of worksite safety, including both personal and process safety. By establishing requirements for prevention and mitigation barriers and defining their relationships, operational hazards can be identified, and risk can be managed before any work activities are started.

Life Savers

GTB has adopted a set of safety practices derived from past learnings and incidents and based on OSHA and EM385 instructions that identify activities with high potential risk and are vital to achieving no harm to all personnel and visitors at any GTB construction site.

  • These safety practices support our Safety Management System and are highlighted throughout our standards, procedures, and work instructions
  • These safety practices are core to our business and support our Safety Management System.

The five key components of GTB’s Safe Work System framework specify the minimum requirements that focus on preventing harm to people and the environment 

  • Activity Hazard Analysis
  • Stop Work Authority
  • Safe Work Instructions/Behavior-Based Safety Training
  • Permit to Work
  • Progress Monitoring and Oversight

Training and Competence

Behavior-Based Safety Training

Our Behavioral-Based Safety Program supports our effort in preventing incidents and building an interdependent safety culture by:

  • Observing people at work and having an open conversation about safety
  • Correcting unsafe behavior or conditions then reinforcing positive behavior
  • Creating a respectful environment that encourages safety conversations


Toolbox Meetings

Toolbox Talks are held at each GTB site before workday begins to keep safety front and center in the workers’ minds. These short pre-written safety meetings are designed to heighten employee awareness of workplace hazards for that particular day and OSHA regulations.


Site Evacuation Drills

Periodic Site Evacuation Drill is conducted at all GTB sites to train site crew on safe exit in case of emergency. Following Procedures are followed when conducting the drill –

  • A written evacuation plan is prepared based on the specific project condition and approval is obtained from building authorities/engineers
  • Work crews are trained on the plan. Pre-drill assessment of the evacuation routes and assembly points are conducted by drill coordinators
  • Pre-drill announcement is made for the first drill, following drills are conducted unannounced
  • Drill evaluators meet after the drill to evaluate the process based on drill checklist, after the evaluator findings have been compiled and discussed, those findings are shared and discussed with the rest of the crew. A report is made for GTB oversight


Employee Well-being

Health & Wellness of employees are a priority at GTB. Positive well-being is good for employees and employers alike. In addition to providing a safe and healthy office space employees are offered benefits to support well-being.

Staff are educated on financial matters. Help better understand things like budgeting, debt and the benefits of saving money.

Employee assistance programs are another great tool at GTB to promote well-being. Staff are considered as members of a happy GTB family, their personal and professional concerns are listened to and help them overcome obstacles they may face in their way to prosperity.

Physical health is a key factor in overall well-being. Staff are encouraged to focus on their physical health. In that effort GTB organizes different physical activity events such as forming the GTB Soccer team. Employees are invited to participate in soccer games and other activities.

A culture that values individual team members. GTB recognizes that Social wellness is another key aspect of well-being and much of this comes down to job satisfaction and workplace culture. Employees are recognized and awarded for their performance. Encouraging leadership, managers, and co-workers to recognize the efforts of staff is the motivating factor here at GTB.

Green Touch Builders COVID-19 Policies

  • Check in with our superintendent when you arrive on the job site and when you are leaving. This will help us manage the proper sequencing that will enable us to keep the presence and location of people safely staggered. All our project schedules are incorporating staggered manpower to make it possible to keep safe spaces between workers. Temperature may be taken through a laser thermometer. If your temperature is above normal level you’ll be requested not to enter the site.


  • Hand washing stations are provided at all project sites where restrooms are not in close proximity. Respiratory masks will also be available at these stations. Please avail yourself of these.


  • Masks are mandatory at all times while onsite. Wearing gloves is highly recommended, as much as feasible. We are advising all personnel to wash their hands before entering the job site and upon exit to help reduce the opportunities for contamination.


  • Please make sure that if you or any member of your team has symptoms of respiratory illness, leaves the jobsite sick, or stays home sick, you contact our superintendent immediately. Superintendent contact information will be posted at the job site entrance.


  • It is critical that people do their best to maintain 6 feet of distance between each other. In elevators – use the four corner method to maintain maximum distance from one another.


  • Your cooperation is highly appreciated.


 Question? Please contact Site Superintendent or visit